The undersigned Alleva Gianluca, informs that his own brand My E-bike is deposited and therefore protected in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 10 February 2005 n. 30.

The undersigned Alleva Gianluca, informs that the unauthorized use of his own brand My E-bike, represents a violation of the exclusive right conferred to the deposit.

The undersigned Alleva Gianluca, informs, finally, that the verbal part "My E-bike" (verbal trademark, registered with the number 302016000020246) is an integral part of the brand.

Any unauthorized use of the aforementioned trademark, whether of a commercial, recreational or even a social nature, constitutes an infringement of the exclusive right conferred by the registration and, therefore, its improper use is wary. By way of example and not exhaustive, it constitutes a violation of the exclusive right, protected by the civil code, by the criminal code and by the intellectual property code, the affixing of the aforementioned trademark on clothing and accessories, exhibitors, prints, gadgets, photography , posters, stickers, stickers, notebooks, publishing products in general, digital applications, websites, blogs, scarves, flags, towels, vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, etc., as well as counterfeiting and alteration thereof with partial reproduction or of graphic and / or verbal elements which may recall the original logo. The fraudulent and illicit use, as in the same way any act of unfair competition, will be the subject of a complaint to the competent authorities and of legal protection in the competent offices, with a request for damages.
For information on the use of the trademark, please contact the following e-mail address: direzione@kitbicielettriche.it