My E-bike electric bike kit, is the result of the ingenuity and passion that binds us to the ecology sector and to move freely at no cost from around 2008. Initially the people who saw us circulate in our city, like the aliens, but after they had tried the conversion kit, no one knew how to resist and they mounted an electric kit on their bikes.

We assure you that you can do everything you do in everyday life, go to work, go to school, to the gym, etc., but at COST ZERO and make all your activities even more fun and above all eco-friendly.
for all these reasons and even after a positive feedback, we have had the decisive push to invest in this sector.
My E-bike electric bike kit, wants to be a reference point for those who want to do with us the bet that it is possible to "move" in a healthy, ecological, fun, responsible and sustainable way.
after about eight years, after several years of tests, tests, investments, we start marketing our "wheel" engines to be used on the front or rear wheel. These motors have a very small diameter and a low weight, as well as having an excellent durability. Our engines are all from 36V 250W, but with different supplies, for the front FX 30Nm engine. of torque and for the PX 45Nm rear engine. of couple.

The main activities we do are:

  • Marketing of our engines, Front FX and Rear PX;
  • Sale of conversion kit from "normal" to "E-bike" bicycle;
  • Marketing of batteries with high quality cells;
  • Customer assistance before and after the purchase.