The WARRANTY for all products purchased by My E-bike is (24 months), BATTERIES (36 months) and covers factory defects. The warranty is valid from the date shown by a valid tax document (receipt or purchase invoice) for the period provided for by law (Dec. 2/02/02 No. 24 implementing Directive 1099/44 / EC) or equal to 24 months, in case of purchase with a receipt, or 12 months in case of purchase with a tax invoice, the battery warranty is 12 months.

The product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratches, abrasions, environmental damage, internal or external parts of the product, consumables, electrical overvoltages, improper care and arbitrary and partial handling, the battery is discharged due to in use, power consumption of the electrical system, terminals not well connected. Scratches, abrasions or damage to the external parts of the product. In particular, it does not cover damage caused by:
- improper use (power supply of the motors-batteries-control units-components, with non-permissible currents and voltages and use under stress of the components)
- falls or even accidental impact caused by the product
- tampering, when the goods have been opened or to which they have been partially or canceled, tampered with the product warranty number or seal.
-try in inappropriate places (extreme temperatures or high humidity, atmospheric agents)
If the malfunction is due to improper use, normal wear and tear or procedures not followed through our manuals, negligence in use, tampering, incorrect installation or maintenance, negligence, or circumstances that, however, can not refer to defects in product operation same.