Now the 'E-BIKE is a new reality, changing fast. More and more people choose this type of medium for commuting, for cycling, for fun or just for leisure. In recent years, given the strong growth of the market, and since 2008, the experience of trials, tests and experiments, we are able to provide customers with high quality products and an efficient direct service.
The kits are distinguished primarily by the quality of the components are assembled with all BATTERIES Li-Ion cells Pasnasonic, Samsung and LG. L 'driving range and battery life are all top class. ENGINES are carefully selected and tested one by one by me before being marketed. The wheels are assembled with wheels and rays Made in Italy. Before delivery to the customer it runs a scrupulous work of spokes (Alpina spokes 2.3 mm or 2.5 mm), centering and wheel dish, so that once installed on the bike there are no surprises. The ECUs are equipped with a personal software, designed and developed specifically for us, for optimum power delivery (smooth, continuous and without jerking) and we are the only ones to offer the components "WATERPROOF" IP65 CLASS. "We sell directly to the customer, without intermediaries "without the added cost of components for various passages" and directly provide assistance on our products. by buying from us you will have the certainty of receiving at home a high quality product.
We believe in full customer satisfaction, giving him a safe, efficient and compatible with their needs. For any problem or suggestion we are always available. On the site you will always find the latest features, videos and demonstration tests of the components that are sold thus offering the customer an extensive collection d 'information about the world of' E-BIKE you can find in Italy.