"Heaven on earth does not exist, but who will ride a bike anyway ..." (ctz Mauro Parrini) alone in E-bike ... this was my first exclamation, from what we planted a small seed of idea in my brain: transform an ordinary bike into an E-bike.
Every day I had the need to walk the home stretch - working with my beloved bike, but I noticed that it took me more time, I made a lot of effort (living in the hill) and especially I could not carry "cargo" ...
Then a little 'PASSION for a bit' out of curiosity that characterizes my being, I began to know the world of electric bike, first documenting and turning my garage into a workshop, up to the 2011 around to take care of the assembly and sale of kits to turn a simple bicycle in an E-bike.

For the realization of the E-bike are used various software 3d for the design of the components, programs for modeling, a control desk to test and assemble the batteries thanks to 'use of several welding machines.
My E-bike is always looking d 'innovation, constantly updated to offer and sell the latest generation of products customers, leaning even to very innovative companies in the sector in the field of' E-bike.
My intent is to offer unique products with maximum innovation, dictated by the passion and study.