Electric bike LCD display with USB


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Electric bike LCD display with USB

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Expected delivery date : 26/04/2019

The LCD Display has a 3.5 "LCD screen with white backlight This display allows you to turn the assistance system on and off Very useful when you want to go for a walk in peace only with your strength or with assistance. Allows you to choose the maximum power level that you want to reach up to 9 levels, thus limiting consumption and also keeping under control the battery voltage through the convenient indicator of residual charge.The component is supplied with "IP65 CLASSIC" WATERPROOF connector. USB port, to charge a smartphone.



  • You can turn on or off the assistance;
  • You can adjust the power up to 9 levels;
  • You can activate the 6km / h button "by keeping it pressed the bicycle advances without pedaling up to 6km / h"
  • You can turn the backlight on or off;
  • You can view instant assistance;
  • You can display the remaining battery power with percentage;
  • You can view the Total and Partial kilometers;
  • You can view the Speed ​​km / h or Mi;
  • You can view the clock;
  • USB port, for possible charging of the smartphone.

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Electric bike LCD display with USB

Electric bike LCD display with USB

Electric bike LCD display with USB

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