Slim battery 36V 11Ah


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Slim battery 36V 11Ah

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Expected delivery date : 28/11/2019
Size mm - Lon. / Width. / High.420 / 150 / 70
Capacity396 Wh
Mileage Km. - Min. / Max.30 / 70
Battery cycles600
Weight3.00 Kg.

The Battery marked the turning point in the evolution of e-bikes and still very popular for its simple and essential design. L 'takes place using the rear rack to which and' set a sled that allows you to insert and remove the battery from the bike quickly (with lock included) .Its perfect location and 'in the back of the bicycle, which allows an optimal distribution weight by choosing a front engine. The battery is equipped with ON / OFF switch (on and off) and charge gauge on the battery, that allows you to see the remaining battery even without being placed on the bike (before you leave home you can monitor the actual state of charge of the battery).

The engagement / release time: 5 seconds.

Autonomy: 30-70Km


Cell LI-ION: Samsung
BMS: integrated
Charge indicator: integrated
ON / OFF button: Integrated
Voltage: 36V
Capacity: 11Ah
Maximum discharge capacity: 2C
continuous discharge current: 20A
10 min discharge current: 25A
Discharge current 1 min: 30A
discharge current 5 sec: 35A
Charging current max: 6A
Dimensions: 36V 11Ah L = 420 X Width. H. 150 X 70 mm
Weight: 3.00 Kg
Capacity: 396 Wh
Cycles: 600

The battery is supplied with:

     Dedicated charger 36V - 3A
     Mounting system with sliding quick release

Installation method:

batteria slim my e-bike

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Slim battery 36V 11Ah

Slim battery 36V 11Ah

Slim battery 36V 11Ah

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