Motor Front XFF D 36V 250W

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Motor Front XFF D 36V 250W

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Expected delivery date : 19/11/2018
Ideal for City Bike, Folding
Feeding 36V 250W
Inclination Plain / False plans
Torque 25Nm
Weight 2,20 kg

Motor Front XFF D From 36V 250W, ensures good performance in the plains and in falosipiani even at low speeds, with a weight and small dimensions. By mounting the front engine has a good balance of weight with the battery on the rear rack and uphill exploit "two wheel drive" at the front with the assistance of the engine and the rear with muscular intake. The engine on the size and the lower the weight range is compact and lightweight and has good performance at the start. It equipped with free wheel (that would be the engine off does not have any kind of resistance). Compatible with the disc to 160mm or more in almost all cases.


Power supply: 36V

Rated power: 250W

Torque: 25 Nm

Weight: 2.20 kg

Wheelbase 100 mm (standard size of the front fork of the bicycle)

Max. Ø 120 mm

Max. the pins 145 mm Sensored (motor with sensors, with 9-wire cable)

Cable length 200 mm Power

Suitable for:

città-my-e-bike città-pianura-my-e-bike citybike-my-e-bike pieghevole-my-e-bike
City Plain / False plain City Bike Folding

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Motor Front XFF D 36V 250W

Motor Front XFF D 36V 250W

Motor Front XFF D 36V 250W

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