Pas 12 Magnets 2P Electric bicycle


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Pas 12 Magnets 2P

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Expected delivery date : 27/01/2020

The PAS 12 magnets for electric bike kit is an indispensable sensor to be in compliance with the highway code (CdS). It allows the control unit to supply current to the motor only if you turn the pedals, it is composed of two parts: the sensor, which is installed to the bike frame, the magnetic disk that will be inserted into the pin, so that it rotates together with the pedals . This PAS is installed WITHOUT dismounting the cranks and the bottom bracket, therefore WITHOUT using special TOOLS. The component is supplied with a "CLASS IP65" WATERPROOF connector.


The PAS 12 magnets compared to 6 magnets or less, has a higher sensitivity and an even faster delivery, disk diameter: 8 cm, connection cable length: 50 cm). This version of the PAS allows very fast starts, starting the system after only 1/4 of a turn of pedals, thus allowing to start uphill with a certain ease;
The PAS 12 magnets must be installed on the left side of the bottom bracket.
WITHOUT dismantling the bottom bracket, pedal crank and without the use of special tools.

Can I install the Pas 12 Magneti 2P on my bicycle?

    Yes, just have the space of at least 4.5mm. between the central movement and the left pedal. Ps. Nothing must be disassembled.

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Pas 12 Magnets 2P Electric bicycle

Pas 12 Magnets 2P Electric bicycle

Pas 12 Magnets 2P

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