Led Bike Headlight 2000 Lumen


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Led Bike Headlight 2000 Lumen

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Expected delivery date : 26/06/2019
Body MaterialAlloy 6061 Anodized
Lens MaterialTempered glass
Led2 - Led Seoul P7
Light Beam2000 lumen
Length Light BeamApprox 160 Meters
Battery6000 mAh
Battery life4 hours to about 100%
Size mm - Lon. / Width. / High.42 / 60 / 38

This powerful LED Headlamp can be used for any walk or excursion you want to do "bike, tracking, climbing, etc." and waterproof, can be fixed on handlebar, head or helmet with strap appropriate. It develops a beam of light up to 2000 lumens, visible up to about one hundred and sixty meters, thanks to the two LED SEOUL P7. The rings "O-ring of rubber" of which is provided on the handlebar will allow excellent stability even on very uneven ground. The shell is composed of very shock resistant 6061 aluminum as the tempered glass to withstand temperature changes and to shocks. The button on the back of the lighthouse emits four kinds of colors to monitor the battery charge level, these colors are:

GREEN: Battery 100-75%
BLUE: battery to 75-50%
YELLOW: battery to 50-30%
RED: battery 30-5%
FLASHING RED: Battery less than 5%


Led: seoul-P7
LED power: 20w
beam: 2000 lumens
led Duration: about 50,000 hours
Body material: aluminum 6061 anodized
Lens material: scratch-resistant tempered glass
The functions: 40%, 50%, 100%
Battery: Li-Ion 8.4 volt 6000 mAh
Dimensions: Larg.:60mm Prof.:42mm* Alt.:38mm
Irradiation length: at about 160m
4-hour autonomy and a half at 100%
Connectors: WATERPROOF IP65


Box contents:

    1 headlight housing
    1 battery pack waterproof 8.4v 6000 mAh
    1 waterproof container for battery pack with adjustable strap
    2 O-ring for fixing
    1 charger (100v- 240v)
    1 headband / helmet (GIVEAWAY)

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Led Bike Headlight 2000 Lumen

Led Bike Headlight 2000 Lumen

Led Bike Headlight 2000 Lumen

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